“omg luise rainer”

I’ve been quiet. Since Luise’s death at the end of last year I’ve done very little in the way of updates and I’m sad to admit I questioned whether to continue with the site, the blog and the Twitter feed. I didn’t expect that, I thought I’d always be in thrall to Luise, but, understandably (?) I felt lost. Looking over the collection (the hifalutin part of me would prefer ‘archive’) and after talking to friends I realised that now, more than ever, it’s important to keep researching and continue letting the world know about Luise. So I will.

Something happened this week that hasn’t happened since Luise died too: my regular Twitter search for her name went crazy. Suddenly hundreds of people were Tweeting about her in the most unexpected context. On 28th July Justin Bieber posted this photo on his Shots timeline. I was mystified, but not as much as his fans who posted and retweeted the image with an almost universal question: “Who?”


Bieber tagged the photo simply, “omg luise rainer” (un-capitalization, his own). It was taken at Luise’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6302 Hollywood Boulevard, placed there as one of the original intake of stars in February 1960. Quite what Justin means by this post is a mystery… is he a fan? Or is sarcasm intended here? Either way, even if only a few fans Google her name, find her films, read about her life, it’ll be worthwhile. All publicity is good publicity, right?