Out From My Mother’s Shadow: interview with Francesca Bowyer

FrancescaLast year Luise’s daughter, Francesca, announced that she had written an autobiography, Out From My Mother’s Shadow, about her life with famous parents and the effect this has had on both her and her family.The book hasn’t yet seen the light of day but I am hopeful that we will get to hear Francesca’s fascinating account of her relationship with Luise very soon.

Francesca is an occasional Tweeter (you can follow her @bowyerfrancesca) where she has been very generous in sharing personal photos with her followers. She also has her own website which includes some rare personal family photos and excerpts from an interview she gave for TCM earlier this year. In it she talks briefly about her childhood, her parents and her relationships and she tells the wonderful story of Luise’s third Oscar. It’s well worth a visit: http://www.francescaknittelbowyer.com/

Francesca is a convivial, generous interviewee; her background in journalism bodes well for a book that, as she says, is not another Mommie Dearest, more a tribute to her mother, who did the best she could with what she thought was best. Let’s hope Out From My Mother’s Shadow finds a publisher soon.